Sunday, March 30, 2008

Italy -Milan,Florence,Pisa

For this Easter we went to Italy.
Am not in a mood to write a travelogue ..Sorry folks....Just some pics :)

Taken from Milan,Florence and Pisa...Rome we did on the 3rd day and we had a surprise too ....

Milan Duomo

Milan-Fashion Street

Florence Piazza della Signoria

Florence -Duomo

Tower of Pisa..Yeah the leaning one.......

Another view with the cathedral (Duomo) also in view


mathew said...

mm...nice reminder of the holiday i had in 06'..

Florence was awesome isnt..i was not really that impressed with the leaning tower though..infact I had great seafood in Pisa which i though was far more impressive..;-P

ap said...

Florence.It was great with all the narrow roads and each 3rd person completely lost. :)
Yeah anyday better than Pisa.
Of all the places it was Rome that stealed the show for us.