Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bucket list

After a hiatus,I am back.I was lazy and I was busy. :-)
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Well here they are.

1.Sky diving,bungee jumping and white water rafting-All for the adrenaline rush....
Was always fascinated by these,now since ppl I know also have started doing these ..
Hopefully I will do this sooner or later.

2.Travel to all those exotic places where nature is the King.Places like
Kashmir,Norway,Swiss,Greece,Cannes etc.Places where its not castles and other monuments which has importance.
Swiss was one dream realized. :)

3.Drive through Autobahn and hit the max speed.Narrowly missed out on this one.
Should have converted my Indian Driving License to Deutsch and drove all those BMWs,Mercs,Audis and Porsches.
For the uninformed autobahn is one of the few highways in the world where there is no max speed limit!

4.Get an MBA degree.Wanted to do one since in school,hopefully in a couple of years it will materialize.

5.Read all the books and watch all the movies made.....:)

6.Learn to Salsa.Dancing has always impressed me but never learned though.

7.Have a career,where you are in a business suit most of the time.
Just for jaada ;)

8.Take my parents and brothers for a Euro trip.

9.Own a summer house in some hill station.

Hmm...Right now I can think of only these things.....I will update the blog as and when I find some interesting things to pursue ......

PS:Thanks Dhanya for tagging me...had forgot how to write itself.


--xh-- said...

kollamallo list. autobhanil oru kidilam drive - athu ente orw swapnam aanu :)

Dhanya said...

Hey thanks a lot for taking this up..:)
Have tried white water rafting but not sky diving or bungee jumping. And travel I think is most cmmon in everyones list :) hmm driving in auotobahn, mine was just opposite - driving in b'lore roads where you might mostly have to crawl :P

ap said...

@xh: ennekilum nammuk athu nadatham :)

Any time... :)
When we can drive legally at any speed its just awesome..

confucius said...

Autobahn enteyum swapnamanu...Ever thought of driving a Maruti 800 in Autobahn...I realy want to do that...:)

Gazal said...

what has happened to this blog??

wake up

mathew said...

going to norway is one of my ultimate wishes..i hope to make it there next year if am still working somewhere in europe..:-)